BIOS 6312 – Modern Regression Analysis

Announcements:  Special thanks to everyone for a fabulous semester. Updates may be posted on this site from time to time.

Syllabus: The Spring 2022 syllabus can be found here (updated 04/07/2022).

Lecture notes: The lecture notes for this course are posted here. They are not to be copied without permission of the instructor.

# Topic Slides
1 Welcome and review Link
2 Simple linear regression Link
3 Multiple linear regression (fundamentals) Link
4 Multiple linear regression (interactions, subgroup effects) Link
5 Transformations and basis expansions Link
6 Weighted least squares Link
7 Regression with binary outcomes Link
8 Regression with nominal, ordinal, and count outcomes Link
9 Regression with time-to-event outcomes Link
10 Methods for longitudinal data Link
11 Prediction and penalized regression Link
12 Bayesian methods Link
13 The bootstrap Link
14 Methods for missing data Link
15 R enthusiasts! Link

Labs: Links to this year’s labs are provided below. Note that not all formal labs occur on Mondays, and not all Mondays are formal labs. For instance, sometimes lab periods are better utilized as time for exam review, pushing back a lab.

# Date Topic Lab
1 01/13 Introduction to Stata Link
2 01/31 Simple linear regression Link
3 02/07 Building regression models Link
4 02/14 Subgroup-specific effects and omnibus tests Link
5 02/21 Transformations and nonlinearity Link
6 03/14 Discrete outcome regression Link
7 03/21 Proportional hazards regression Link
8 03/28 Exploring longitudinal data Link
9 04/04 Longitudinal regression methods Link
10 04/11 Penalized regression Link
11 04/19 Missing data Link

Problem sets and keys: This year’s collection of problems can be found here. Problems will be due in batches (see schedule below).

# Due date All students Biostat students
1 01/20 A1 B1
2 02/03 A2, A3 B2
3 02/17 A4, A5 B3
4 02/24 A6, A7 B4
5 03/24 A8, A9, A10
6 03/31 A11, A12, A13
7 04/07 A14, A15 B5
8 04/14 A16 B6

Additionally, the problems from last year’s offering of this this course are provided here, along with the keys. You have access to all of last year’s data sets, and so you should view this as an additional resource to practice—particularly on material you find challenging.

Data: Data sets and documentation can be found here (you will need the password).

Lecture recordings: This year’s lecture recordings can be found here (you will need the password).

Exams: This year’s exams will be posted here, along with their keys. Exams and keys from prior years are provided below. Note that emphasis changes from year to year, as does the ordering of topics.

Description Exam Key
Exam 1 (2020) Link Link
Exam 2 (2020) Link Link
Exam 1 (2021) Link Link
Exam 2 (2021) Link Link
Exam 1 (2022) Link Link
Exam 2 (2022) Link Link