BIOS 6312 – Modern Regression Analysis

Announcements:  Welcome to BIOS 6312! This course runs in the spring semester, but many materials remain posted all year round. This course is intended for graduate students in biostatistics, epidemiology, bioinformatics, and related fields looking to get an intensive modern look at classic and current methods for regression of different kinds of outcomes (continuous, binary, nominal, ordinal, count, time-to-event). Special topics such as prediction, longitudinal data, Bayesian regression, the nonparametric bootstrap, and methods for missing data are also introduced. There is a very strong emphasis on methodology and interpretation (underlying theory is de-emphasized, and applications—although often interesting in their own right—are largely illustrative in nature; efficient programming and extensive data manipulation are not major focuses of this course). Explore these materials at your leisure!

Syllabus: Check back at a later date!

Course Notes: The notes used for this course are posted here. Note that in a given semester, it is possible that not all of this material will be covered.

# Topic Slides
1 Welcome and review Link
2 Simple linear regression Link
3 Multiple linear regression Link
4 Regression with discrete outcomes Link
5 Regression with time-to-event outcomes Link
6 Prediction and flexible methods Link
7 The Gauss-Markov theorem and weighted least squares Link
8 Methods for correlated data Link
9 Bootstrap methods Link
10 Bayesian methods Link
11 Methods for missing data Link
12 Sample size and power Link
1 – 12 Whole course (combined) Link

Homework assignments and keys: The homework assignments and their respective keys are posted here, as well as keys from 2020.

# Keys (2020) Assignments (2021) Keys (2021)
1 Link Link Link
2 Link Link Link
3 Link Link Link
4 Link Link Link
5 Link Link Link
6 Link Link Link
7 Link Link Link

Exams: Previous exams are posted for practice. Current exams (with keys) will also be posted here when the time comes. Topics will not align perfectly from year to year, but the major function of the practice exam is to allow you to gain familiarity with the kinds of questions you’ll be expected to answer.

Description Exam Key
Previous In-Class Midterm Link Link
Previous Take-Home Midterm Link Link

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