Full Courses Taught and Syllabi
Fall 2017: Introduction to Statistics for Health Policy [Syllabus]
Spring 2016: Regression Methods in the Health Sciences [Syllabus]
School Year 2011-2012: AP Calculus BC [Syllabus]
Summer 2011: Combinatorics
School Year 2010-2011: AP Calculus BC [Syllabus]
Summer 2010: Multivariable Calculus [Syllabus]
School Year 2009-2010: AP Calculus AB [Syllabus]
Summer 2009: Combinatorics

For a more thorough list of seminars and short courses, please see my full CV.

Lecture Notes
Here are a couple of modified lecture notes from applied statistics courses I have taught.

The central limit theorem [slides]
Nonparametric statistics [slides]

Short Statement on Teaching Philosophy 
I welcome mentoring and support from other fellow teachers, and in turn I hope to be a great mentor to those interested in teaching. Here is a brief statement of my teaching philosophy.