Selected Publications and Preprints

Below is a list of selected publications and preprints (* denotes co-authorship). For a complete list, please see my full CV [link].


Spieker, A.J., Delaney, J.A.C., and McClelland,R.L. (2015). “Evaluating the treatment effects model for estimation of cross-sectional associations between risk factors and cardiovascular biomarkers influenced by medication use.” Pharmacoepidemiology and Drug Safety, 24(12), 1286-1296. [link]

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Spieker, A.J., Ko, E., Roy, J.A., and Mitra, N. (2020). “Nested g-computation: a causal approach to analysis of censored medical costs in the presence of time-varying treatment.” Journal of the Royal Statistical Society, Series C, 69(5), 1189-1208. [link] [arXiv]

Spieker, A.J., Illenberger, N., Roy, J., Mitra, N. (2021). “Net benefit separation and the determination curve: a probabilistic framework for cost-effectiveness estimation.” Statistical Methods in Medical Research, 30(5), 1306-1319. [link] [arXiv]

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Spieker, A.J., Greevy, R., Nelson, L., and Mayberry, L. (2022+) “Bounding the local average treatment effect in an instrumental variable analysis of engagement with a mobile intervention.” To appear in The Annals of Applied Statistics. Preprint: [arXiv]

Illenberger, N., Mitra, N., and Spieker, A.J. “A regression framework for a probabilistic measure of cost-effectiveness.” Preprint: [arXiv]

Illenberger, N., Spieker, A.J., and Mitra, N. “Identifying optimally cost-effective dynamic treatment regimes with a Q-learning approach.” Preprint: [arXiv]


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Schmidt, H.*, Spieker, A.J.*, Luo, T., Szymczak, J., and Grande, D. (2021). “Physicians and Medicaid work requirements: Variability in primary care physician attitudes toward Medicaid Work Requirement exemption requests made by patients with depression.” JAMA Health Forum, 2(10):e212932. [link]

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Invited commentaries

Spieker, A.J. “Comment on `Penalized Spline of Propensity Methods for Treatment Comparison’ by Zhou, Elliott, and Little.” (2019). Journal of the American Statistical Association. 114(S25), 20-23. [link]


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