Selected Publications

Below is a short list of selected publications. For a complete list of publications and preprints, see my full CV.


Spieker, A.J. and Huang, Y. (2017). “A method to address between-subject heterogeneity for identification of principal surrogate markers in repeated low-dose challenge HIV vaccine studies.” Statistics in Medicine, 36(26), 4167-4181. [link]

Spieker, A.J., Roy, J.A., and Mitra, N. (2018). “Analyzing medical costs with time-dependent treatment: The nested g-formula.” Health Economics, 27(7), 1063-1073. [link]

Spieker, A.J., Delaney, J.A.C., and McClelland,R.L. (2018). “A method to account for covariate- specific treatment effects when estimating biomarker associations in the presence of endogenous medication use.”Statistical Methods in Medical Research, 27(8), 2279-2293. [link]


Wang, L., Spieker, A.J., Li, J., and Rutkove, S.B. (2011). “Electrical impedance myography for monitoring motor neuron loss in the SOD1 G93A amyotrophic lateral sclerosis rat.” Clinical Neurophysiology 122(12), 2505-2511. [PubMed]

Nodera, H., Spieker, A.J., Sung, M., and Rutkove, S.B. (2011). “Neuroprotective effects of Kv7 channel agonist, retigabine, for cisplatin-induced peripheral neuropathy.” Neuroscience Letters 505(3), 223-227. [PubMed]

Spieker, A.J., Narayanaswami, P., Fleming, L., Keel, J.C., Muzin, S.C., and Rutkove, S.B. (2013). “Electrical impedance myography in the diagnosis of radiculopathy.” Muscle and Nerve 48(5), 800-805. [PubMed]

Hsi, R.S., Spieker, A.J., Stoller, M.L., Jacobs, D.R., Jr., Reiner, A.P., McClelland, R.L., Kahn, A.J., Chi, T., Szklo, M., and Sorensen, M.D. (2015). “Coronary artery calcium score and association with recurrent nephrolithiasis: the Multi-Ethnic Study of Atherosclerosis.” Journal of Urology 195(4), 971-976. [PubMed]

Wan, J., Oganisian, A., Spieker, A.J., Hoffstad, O.J., Mitra, N., Margolis, D.J., and Takeshita, J. (2019). “Racial/Ethnic Variation in Use of Ambulatory and Emergency Care for Atopic Dermatitis Among U.S. Children.” To appear in Journal of Investigative Dermatology.

Invited Commentary

Spieker, A.J. “Comment on `Penalized Spline of Propensity Methods for Treatment Comparison’ by Zhou, Elliott, and Little.” (2019). To appear in Journal of the American Statistical Association.

Technical Reports

Spieker, A.J., Oganisian, A., Ko, E., Roy, J.A., and Mitra, N. “A causal approach to analysis of censored medical costs in the presence of time-varying treatment.” Pending submission to Journal of the American Statistical Association, arXiv:1705.08742. [link]


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